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Hr Management System

Are you still using workbooks for all your HR Operations and Payroll? Do you find it hard to keep track of all HR records?

HR Outsourcing

Do you spend lot of time and money on HR Functions? Do you want to enjoy a smooth HR process without the unneeded hassle?

HR Policies and Procedures

HR policies and Procedures play an integral part in delivering a friendly, fruitful and worthwhile experience for the employees of an organization.


Virtual Key is a Dubai-based agency that makes ideal collaboration happen. Our expertise lies in the hospitality, retail, advertising and marketing, Banking, and IT.

Job Analysis, Evaluation and Grading

Often Job evaluation is confused with Job analysis process. During the Job Analysis process, an in-depth examination is performed to gather information about every minute detail of a job.

Employee handbook

Do you want to have transparency in the business? Do you want your team to know more details about the company culture, vision, and mission from day 1?

We are here to provide a fresh perspective. Ready to work with us?

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