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Importance of Wellness in the Workplace

Importance of Wellness in the Workplace

A workplace isn’t all about productivity, it’s also about the wellness. However, some employers seem to have the wrong idea. They neglect to focus on their employees’ wellbeing, and then complain about how employees aren’t living up to their potential. This is more so in the case of UAE where wellness isn’t stressed on at all. For instance, a survey showed that almost 50 percent of the employees in the UAE are planning to switch their jobs in the next twelve months because they are overworked. Moreover, the survey also showed stress level among employees ranked the highest in the world.

If workplace wellness isn’t maintained, it can have severe consequences for the employers and the employees. Here are some reasons why wellness in the workplace is of utmost importance.

Decreases Health Risks

Some jobs—in fact, most jobs today—require people to be in front of their screens working for long periods. This can harm the employees because research shows that sitting for long periods can increase the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks. To counter this, employers can hold random tests, biometric screenings and keep an eye on their employees’ health.

Decreases Absenteeism

All employees experience depression and anxiety at some point in their lives. It could be because of strict deadlines, burnout, or not being able to catch a break. It’s crucial for employers to be on the lookout for burnout signs or signs of anxiety and depression to counter the problem. Failure to do so can increase turnover within the company and make it more difficult for employers to attract new talents.

Employers can focus on bringing workplace wellness by introducing activities such as yoga or meditation. Some employers also bring in a health coach to allow people to talk through their problems. This has shown to bring about positive results.

Creates a Friendly and Productive Culture

Not only do employees who are healthier call in less sick days, but they are also more productive than their counterparts who are using up all of their sick days. This increases productivity levels in the workplace and ensures that the deadlines are being met.

Moreover, by implementing workplace wellness programs, employers can create a friendlier environment. That’s because some of these programs help to build team spirit and create a wellness culture which encourages employees to be on the lookout for other people and encourage them to be healthier, happier and more productive.

Let’s Employees Know They Are Being Looked After

Most employees believe that their employers don’t really care about their workplace wellness. And that’s because it’s true most of the time. Employers are far more fixated on ensuring that goals are being met and no deadline is compromised. By focusing on wellness in the workplace, employees know that the employer cares about their health and has their best interest in their heart.

Employers can offer their employees weight losing tips, how to eat right and whether or not they would be interested in a wellness seminar. Employers also have the option of passing out surveys to ask their employees what they would be interested in and whether or not they would prefer having a gym or some kind of fitness program as part of their daily activities. Moreover, employees can also pay for gym memberships or build a gym in the office if there is enough space to ensure that employees have everything they need to remain fit.

If there is not enough focus on wellness in the workplace, it can lead to severe consequences and earn organizations a bad name. Therefore, it’s crucial to remain on top.

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