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Importance Of Hiring the Right Candidate with The Right Attitude For The Job

Importance Of Hiring the Right Candidate with The Right Attitude For The Job

Soft skills are very important for employers these days, especially in the UAE. In fact, a survey conducted here shows that most employers prefer to hire people with the right kind of attitude for job instead of hiring those who come from big universities. In fact, employers even choose to overlook qualifications if the candidate shows the right soft skills.

This phenomena is not just rampant in UAE either. In fact, globally, more and more employers are following suit. Of course, hiring people for high-skilled job is a different matter. But for the most part, employers hire people with the right attitude and then train them for the skills they will need to progress.

Here are some reasons why it’s become so popular:

Necessary Skills are Evolving

Here’s the thing—thanks to the advent of technology, especially in more advanced countries like the UAE, necessary skills are always evolving. What someone must have learned 6 months ago might not be relevant after a year. So instead of focusing on people who bring good technical skills to the table, employers should focus on people who have the right attitude for job and are willing to keep up with the demands and adapt themselves to the situation.

Employees who have a positive attitude find it easier to navigate through different circumstances. Such employees are also willing to learn and put in the effort to stay ahead of the game because they have a higher EQ than others.

It Makes the Workplace Better

While most people don’t really associate the process of recruitment with fun, it’s crucial to add a fun-loving person to the team—especially if your work environment is laid-back and made up of diverse people as happens in UAE. Moreover, it’s often said that people spend more time with their co-workers than their family members, which means employers have to focus on creating a friendly environment where there are minimal conflicts. If employers ensure that, they’ll definitely be surprised at how quickly the company achieves its goals.

Makes Training Easier

As mentioned earlier, technical skills keep changing and it’s far easier to train people for technical skills than it is for having the right attitude. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire people who bring a positive attitude to the table instead of focusing on those who bring only the relevant skills. For such people, learning the right technical skills become easier and they do so without giving their manager a headache.

They Have More Wins

Here’s the thing about hiring people with the right attitude for job. They know how to celebrate wins. For starters, they understand that even small wins are a success and this motivates them to take on the big wins. They use the knowledge from the small wins to go after the big wins. Moreover, they are patient and understand that things aren’t accomplished overnight. As a result, they don’t get too disheartened very easily.

They Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Hiring the right candidate for job means that the workplace automatically becomes more productive. Think about it this way. Rumors and gossips occur when the workplace is made up of employees who have a negative attitude. Instead of focusing on the work, they focus on how other people are behaving in the workplace, what they are doing and how they are interacting with other people. They also keep an eye on their personal lives and make it a point to discuss it among themselves. One way to counter that is to hire the right candidate. They will put a stop to this and encourage people to focus on their work—thereby increasing productivity levels in the workplace.

Soft skills are heavily demanded by all kinds of employers. Therefore, if people want to get a good position, they should have the right attitude for job. Technical skills can be learned at any point in life.




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