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About Us


Founded in the year 2021, Virtual Key is a certified UAE-based Management Consultants Company dedicated to implementing top-tiered practices and creative business solutions in the UAE and India.

With over 13 years of industry experience, we have built a team of seasoned experts from various domain. Our key members are well equipped to handle all type of challenges and provide customized profitable solution while the client can concentrate on the real time business issue.

We focus on startups and SMEs clienteles. The client’s experience is enhanced with our meticulous and proactive approach.

Our objective comprises of building eternal business relationships based on the robust foundation of values, virtues, valour, and vision.


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to generate profitable business opportunities for our clients and be their trusted advisor while they are taking baby steps towards success.

Our Mission is to serve our client by deploying the right solution that is fit for their concern and aids in accelerating their business goals.

At Virtual Key, we strongly believe that our success would solely depend on how much we contributed to your success. Hence, we swear by the following set of values that differentiate us from other and aids in providing with the high quality of professional service that you would need:

Simplicity – we try to keep the solutions and approach simple yet unique
Loyalty – We deliver what we promise and are proactive and responsive to our client’s need which assists in creating loyal clientele base.
Winning – Our ideas are innovative and custom-made which are easily adoptable which leads to winning.
Integrity – Our services are delivered with utmost integrity and fairness.

What We Offer?

You tell us your requirements, and Virtual Key will deliver results that satisfy you.

We bring to you a fresh and new-age methodology that is constructed on realistic fundamentals. Our bespoke and adaptable approach ensures that you receive exactly what you are looking for with our uniquely customized, responsive, and flexible business framework.

We consider your business as our own and as a result, our exclusive and distinctive strategy helps you diversify your portfolio, enhance employee morale and productivity, and develop strong business acumen.

Virtual Key’s reliable approach strives to transform your vision into reality. Our bespoke packages are tailor made and highly economical. We offer the best rates and competitive prices to minimize wastage in your marketing budget and amplify your return on investment.


We are here to provide a fresh perspective. Ready to work with us?

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